A month and a half of live electronics at The Luggage Store.
@ The Luggage Store Gallery
San Francisco California USA

**Thursday, November 2, 2000
8pm - David Elinoff, environmental installations
composer, filmmaker and kid about town, will be performing a piece from
the Bruitscape series, entitled 'Thief-Fife-Faux-Fun'

9pm - Bob Ostertag: solo live electronics
Bob Ostertag's first San Francisco concert on the instrument he built with a 
laptop and a joystick.  He's done it all around Europe, now finally in San 
 "A gleeful savagery, with the droll wit of Satie's piano, the
breathless silences of Japanese music, the collaged clutter of
Stockhausen's short-wave radio suites, and the political bite of
Brecht/Weill songs." -- Keyboard Magazine

**Thursday, November 9, 2000
8pm - Dj_Spucke[aka mingalls], turntable, 2 computers, violin, etc
The master turntablist now incorporates state-of-the-aRT digital
powerwank to simultaneously appeal to both sides of the technobsessed
crowd!! [+/-, A/D, 0/1]  Is he a 21zt-z3ntr3-vRtuozo  r m3rl3 pflAng a 45min-smpfIl?[!diff]_*;

9pm -  The Trummerflora Collective, from San Diego, California,
Trummerflora is a musicians' collective dedicated to the performance,
distribution, and promotion of experimental and improvisational musics.
The collective includes Marcos Fernandes (perc), Hans Fgellestad (keys),
Damon Holzborn (guitar), Robert Montoya (perc, sampler), Marcelo
Radulovich (bass, guitar), Jason Robinson (winds)

**Thursday, November 16, 2000
8pm - Steev Hise, solo laptop powerbook
will be performing with version 1.7 of his Syntagm Engine, a
database-driven, software instrument for improvisational sound collage.

9pm - Carl Stone, solo laptop powerbook
A recent electronic music work for laptop computer sampling, and
techniques using Max/MSP. Stone is a world travelling sound collector 
and he's got it all squeezed into that little box and ready to launch 
on you.  A master of the triple inverted dumpling squish groove and 
massage parlor, he's coming to commit shlockacide on Barbie and other 
unfortunate victims.

**Thursday, November 30, 2000
8pm - Wobbly, live performance of post-production studio techniques of
modern pop.
This evening will see the hideous return of 'wild why', currently
running version 2.4 (as compared to last March's v.1.8.415).  Sounds
sourced entirely from local hyper-commercialized 'rap/urban' format pop radio.
'...inspired and undoubtedly illegal...' -- from New Music Express
review of 'wild why' v.1 on diskono records

9pm - Disc, (members of Matmos, Lesser, and kid606)
A balance between hypnotic 4/4 techno minimalism paced at exactly 133.33
bpm; raw and processed sounds of scarred, stuttering, skippings CDs; and
utterly free digital noise and structured, rhythmic composition.
Disc is a collaborative project between Jay Lesser (akaLSR), Kid 606,
and Drew Daniel and Martin Schmidt of Matmos. Between these three camps,
the members of Disc have previously released music on labels like Mille
Plateaux, Matador, Vinyl Communications, Fat Cat, Diskono, Ipecac, 555,
Touch and Go/Quarterstick, Lucky Kitchen, Kultbox, V/VM Test Recordings,
Lissy's, etc. Disc has previously released three albums and a
collaboration with K. K. Null on the Vinyl Communications label.
"the greatest work of electronic sound manipulation since Steve Reich's
tape experiments" - Richard Meltzer (about disc's 1st record 2xcd)

***(No Show on Thursday, November 23, 2000 due to Thankgiving Holiday)

**December 14

8pm - Antimatter (aka Xopher Davidson)
xopher davidson , b.1969 usa,   audio engineer and experimentalist.    once
a painter.   partial to low frequencies.  founder of exhibit [0] storefront
gallery of "lovely antimatter."  performed with roots dub group Jive
Farmer, member of seminal free noise group 45/102, and the live electronic
groups Citizen Band and Circular Firing Squad.  see also 'transfixion'
release on artifact recordings.   currently working on a new set of to be
unreleased studio out-takes from the treatment center.

9pm - Boris Hauf, electronics and saxophones
3.6.1974 London UK. Saxophone studies at the Bruckner Conservatory Linz,
Austria with Adelhard Roidinger. Philosophy and musicology studies at
the Vienna University autodidactic. Studies in composition,
instrumentation and counterpoint studies at SAMT (studio for advanced
music & media technology), Linz, Austria. Co-operations with Thomas
Lehn, Kevin Drumm, Christian Fennesz, Jeb Bishop, Bob Marsh, Marceo
Mattos,  Elliot Sharp, Martin Siewert, Fred Lohnberg Holm, and  John
Butcher. Founder of efzeg  @ Podewil, Berlin (cd grain out on durian)

THE LUGGAGE STORE GALLERY 1007 Market Street (2nd Floor) at 6th St., one
block from Powell Street BART, San Francisco. It is a non-profit
corporation funded by the City of San Francisco, grants, and your
contributions. We ask that you contribute 6-10 dollars. All Ages
welcome, no one refused for lack of funds. Info: 415.255.5971 or
[email protected]; booking email: [email protected]