Mr. Meridies and Steev Hise hit SoCal for 2 live performances.

Hear sounds stolen, borrowed and broken by SF Bay artists Steev Hise and
Mr. Meridies. Come feel the joy of reel time recontextualization. 
Two nights of fun at two locations:

Thursday April 8th, regular rock band time
Al's Bar
Downtown L.A.
305 S. Hewitt (intersection of Hewitt and Traction)
with Spin 17 (japan) Emma 3, and Solid Eye (L.A.)

Sunday April 11, 8:00 pm
Sacred Grounds Cafe
with special guest local collaborators
399 w. 6th St.
San Pedro
info 310.514.0800
$5 cover

The work of Steev Hise and Mr. Meridies (aka Bob Boster)  was first brought
together on Illegal Arts' "Deconstructing Beck" compilation ( ), which almost involved them in
legal action by (L.A. native) Beck's label. (Beck is invited, by the way, to meet Steev and Bob at the Al's Bar show, since his personal opinion of the compilation is still unknown.)

Steev Hise's work centers around appropriation and recontextualization of
pre-existing culture, in other words, making new art from the old. In addition to his audio and video work, He is the designer and administrator of, a website dedicated to recycled culture. He has worked with a variety of collaborators, including Wobbly, the Evolution ´┐Żontrol Committee, the Flea Market Orchestra and Ears Under Siege. (see for more info.)

Bob Boster is a composer, performer, and multi-media artist. His pseudonym
Mr. Meridies performs sound collage which can be consumed in a "pop"
manner, but outside of the current popular modes of appropriation (hip-hop,
sample-oriented dance music, commercials, etc.). He has collaborated with
Wobbly, A.L. Dentel, Cheryl Leonard, Scott Rosenberg and Vance Galloway
among others.  Recent projects include bouche, SignWave and the Armageddon
String Ensemble. (see  for more info.)