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An artistic and often political technique where works of art or mass culture such as comics, film, advertistments, etc are reworked or placed in different surreoundings, such that something different is implied than what was orginally, or the original piece is called into question. Pioneered by Guy Debord and the Lettrist International in the 1950s and the the Situationists in the 1960s. Some say detourned materials such as the comic "The Return of the Durutti Column" had a decisive effect in inspiring the May 1968 uprising in Paris. More recent examples of detournement might be fake advertisments, such as some found in the magazine Adbusters.
The theft of aesthetic artifacts from their own contexts and their diversion into contexts of one's own devise. [Greil Marcus, "Lipstick Traces", p. 168]
A politics of suversive quotation, of cutting the vocal cords of every empowered speaker, social symbols yanked through the looking glass, misappropriated words and pictures diverted into familiar scripts and blowing them up. [Marcus, p.167]
"Ultimately, any sign is susceptible to conversion into something else, even its opposite." [Guy Debord and Gil Wolman, 1956]
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