[Rumori] help: bush satalite feed footage

Rick Prelinger footage at panix.com
Tue Nov 4 14:01:53 PST 2003

It's actually too recent for Spin, which is about the 1992 US 
presidential campaign.

Another place to try might be Whispered Media 
<wm at whisperedmedia.org>.  Bet someone there knows where it is.


>Hi Kembrew
>That sounds like Spin.  You can get it through Video Art Databank.
>P L U
>>i was at an arts festival in berlin this weekend and i saw footage 
>>of what was
>>obviously a satalite feed before bush announced Gulf War 2.0--having his hair
>>combed, looking bored and confused, etc.
>>i want to get my hands on it. would anyone trade with me, if you have it, or
>>can you direct me to a downloadable version somewhere?
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