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ok, trying again here...

if anyone cares, here's the story on spin/feed:

Kevin Rafferty (one of the co-directors of Atomic Cafe) and Jim 
Ridgeway (political columnist) went to New Hampshire to shoot what 
they then saw as essentially a verité-style film on the 1992 
presidential primary.  They were unsatisfied, if I remember right, at 
how their film was emerging, and asked friends for ideas.

concurrently, Brian Springer was sitting up in Buffalo recording 
satellite television, collecting 500 hours on the campaign, as well 
as many other things. He was working on his own film, called "Spin." 
Aside from a very small amount of funding and a little grant from 
Michael Moore, he was hurting for $$, and I suggested Kevin call him. 
Brian supplied Kevin with a bunch of material, about 1/3 of Feed's 
running time I think, thus pepping Feed up considerably.  He then 
went on to finish his own film, Spin, which was released a couple of 
years later.  Due to various concerns it was released only in a 
nonprofit context.

Others were collecting feeds -- Harry Shearer and several others were 
well known for this.  The reason satellite feeds became harder to 
come by was partly due to their increased media exposure and partly 
because certain raw moments were embarrassing to certain people, but 
mostly because video encryption technology was already available and 
rapidly becoming a standard attribute of satellite transmission.  In 
recent weeks, yes, the White House pool video feeds are under tighter 
restrictions, but that's out of a desire on the WH's part to exert 
total control over the staging of the president.

Not that there aren't still cool feeds to be grabbed by dishpeople 
with lots of patience and time on their hands.


>There was also a film called "Feed", which was also
>about the 1992 presidential campaign and also used satellite feed
>footage of candidates who didnt know they were on the air yet.
>very funny stuff...
>strange that 2 films so similar came out about the same exact
>thing at the same time. (actually, Feed was 3 years earlier, but
>they both were on the 92 campaigns) I wonder if these 2 films
>prompted changes in how the feeds were distributed?  Apparently
>now only media outlets get the raw feeds, and perhaps now that
>this latest has happened, it will be even more strict...
>p.s. re the Diebold thing - luckily we don't have to worry about
>it immediately in Oregon - we vote from the comfort of our own
>homes using a number 2 pencil, an envelope and a stamp.  only bad
>thing is, you have to remember to send in yr ballot in time to
>get there by election day...
>on Tue, 4 Nov 2003 Vicki Bennett told me:
>->Sorry to spam, but I've just been thinking about it some more, and it
>->if really was Bush before Gulf War *2* then it's not Spin cos that
>->was made before that.  It still sounds very much like Spin though in
>->subject matter, grabbing satellite feeds of politicians at
>->(in)appropriate moments.
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