[Rumori] help: bush satalite feed footage

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Tue Nov 4 17:34:24 PST 2003

--- Every Man <every.man at pressthebutton.com> wrote:
> Why exactly is this footage so sought after? The pre-speech
> behavior seems fairly standard. I don't notice anything
> unusual going on. Is there an even longer version that
> perhaps contains that "feels good" comment, or shows
> him joking around with people?
> Or is the appeal something along the lines of
> "tee hee hee, he doesn't realize he's on camera!" I
> guess I'm missing something here.

1) this wasn't just any speech; it was THE speech where he announced
that the bombs would start dropping in iraq any minute.  the perception
is that, at such a solemn moment when he has committed thousands to
death, his attitude in this video is too lighthearted.  you can see him
joking around with his cronies, which seems inappropriate considering
the timing.

2) bushco is the most image-conscious administration in history.  every
inch of his public appearances is meticulously scripted to look perfect
for the cameras.  ANY footage of bush with his guard down is hard to
come by.

3) the white house was pretty angry that this footage was seen at all,
so naturally people want to see it, even if out of context it's not
particularly interesting to watch.

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