[Rumori] Detritus Fundraiser #2

Steev Hise steev at detritus.net
Sun Nov 9 08:21:55 PST 2003

Hi there,

Here's the second in a series of opportunities to help
Detritus.net pay for it's server bandwidth costs, AND receive
cool and relatively rare STUFF too.

Note that unfortunately you have only about 8 days to take
advantage of this offer, because I'm going out of town for 3
months soon.  So, "ACT NOW!" as they say in the biz...

The first premium is the famous "Wide Open Spaces" CD by People
Like Us, Matmos, and Wobbly.  This disc quickly went out of print
or at least "pretty hard to find", so here's your chance if you
don't have it already.  $10, limited quantities.  Thanx to Vicki
for donating these.
Wobbly, People Like Us and Matmos circled their wagons in the
lecture hall of the San Francisco Art Institute. Having mutually
agreed upon a country-and-western theme, Vicki Bennett (PLU), Jon
Leidecker (Wobbly), and Drew Daniel and M. C. Schmidt (Matmos)
pored over their archives of honky tonk classics, chopping and
dicing Nashville's finest almost beyond recognition, and
collectively re-stitched the mangled shreds in crazed digital
quilting bee.


Second, we have more of The Difficult Listening Hour!

Last time, I made available the first installment of a series of
radio programs that I did back in 1991 called The Difficult
Listening Hour.  The show was an hour-long collage on a different
theme each time, consisting of field recordings, sampled media,
music, interviews, and other sources. This first installment's
theme was "Sound and Noise."  This disc is still available, but
also you can now get the second and third shows, "Education" and

(please hit the Detritus front page first to pick up a cookie
before trying any of these links)

You can get any one of these for a $15 donation. Or, any 2 for
$25, or all three for $30.  Good deal, no? plus you're helping
the packets to keep flowing from the good ol' Detritus ethernet
RJ-45 jack...

If you're interested in any of these, please use the
normal detritus donation page, at http://detritus.net/donate
and note which premium you want in the comment field in the
Paypal form -- and be sure to include your address.
Remember, any orders received after November 18 will not be able
to be fulfilled till mid-March, 2004.

thanx so much for your support!!


Steev Hise .  steev at detritus.net . http://detritus.net/steev
"Advertising is legalized lying."
		-H.G. Wells

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