[Rumori] matmos live in san francisco thursday nov 6

Jon Leidecker wobbly at detritus.net
Tue Nov 11 20:02:50 PST 2003

>I can't find the schedule *anywhere*... certainly not on the YBCA website.
>I hear that Lesser/Blevin Blectum/Sagan will be playing, but when?  Anyone

they've been undercover about it... here are the remaining dates...

Thursday Nov 13 - DISC (Matmos + Lesser + Kid606)
Saturday Nov 15 - Men vs Mountains
Sunday Nov 16 - People Like Us (with unsurprising guest)
Tuesday Nov 18 - Wobbly
Wednesday Nov 19 - Safety Scissors
Thursday Nov 20 - Sutekh
Friday Nov 21 - Sagan
Saturday Nov 22 - Sculptor Michael Brown
Sunday Nov 23 - Kalonica McQueston and Adam Ansell

drew and martin arrive every day at 11am to work on tunes, sampling various
thngs around the museum.  the guests begin their sets at 2pm (not always
promptly) and music happens in one form or another until 5pm.

on a side note:  it looks like I'm doing a Wobbly set in Texas on thursday
night.  i.e. two days (learned about this yesterday).  At the Austin Museum
of Digital Art.  details here http://www.amoda.org/

so ok thens

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