[Rumori] Mp3.com closing down and being sold to CNET

matt davignon mattdavignon at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 14 10:39:48 PST 2003

Are there any hopes that CNET might restore it to any of its former glory?

Mp3.com really had no (viable, legal, honorable) way of supporting itself. 
It'd been operating at greater and greater losses since its inception.

A shame too. It had some great potential as an online music community. I met 
a lot of great musicians through mp3.com. It probably would've functioned 
much better if they only allowed artists to have 3 songs from the beginning. 
The majority of artists who had material posted there had no sense of 
quality control. When they reduced it to 3 songs last year, everybody 
(including myself) felt betrayed, and it completely decimated all the 
user-created stations that made it a community.

They do get points for removing all the music, rather than transferring the 
rights to all the recordings to CNET.

>From: "Nicola Battista" <djbatman at olografix.org>

>the absurd thing is that they published an announcement in their "System
>Status" section... then sent a mail to the artists 24 hourse later... when
>certain sites had already talked about this stuff.
>Apparently all content is being removed and CNET will build a new service
>from scratch from the ashes of Mp3.com---
>I am so sad, this used to be a great place... and it was killed completely
>by Vivendi Universal.
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