[Rumori] 'let them sing it for you'

Banana Jim Verdi ben at supervillains.org
Mon Nov 17 19:49:34 PST 2003

No affiliation, and it won't work on my PC, but interesting anyway.


"Through pop lyrics you learn to identify your own personal feelings
of love, loneliness and joy with those of famous stars. Behind these
public feelings there are often the desires of commercial powers such
as record and film companies. Through "Let them sing it for you", you
get the possibility of doing it the other way around. Instead of
letting your vocabulary of feelings be dictated by famous voices, let
the famous voices express your innermost thoughts.

"By typing in a text of any kind you can get it sung for you by some
of the world's great-est pop stars. A database of sung words has been
built up and is supposed to be gradually growing through the users'
own interaction. If you find a word missing in our sound vocabulary,
just tell us, and we will extract the word from a song of your choice,
and add it to our database."


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