[Rumori] Re: Request to mailing list Rumori rejected

Steev Hise steev at detritus.net
Sat Nov 22 09:34:11 PST 2003

Sorry, i thought the software would include its reason in it's
rejection message.

The reason in this case is that you had too many addresses
included in your To or CC fields.  It has nothing to do with the
content of the message.

I have no problem with people posting playlists occasionally, if
they're relevant.  but Mailman bounces messages that are to huge
numbers of people listed in the headers, and also messages that
bcc the list, and, of course, messages from people not on the

so if you want to make sure something will get on the list,
include the rumori address in the To or CC fields, and don't
include very many other addresses (unless you're bcc'ing to



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