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Now available for download, Retrograde Release 
nos. 23, 23.5 and 24, October 2003:

PhotoStatic 30
Description: http://psrf.detritus.net/volume/5/p30.html
Direct download: http://psrf.detritus.net/pdf/p30.pdf (4.7 Mb)

Description. "Unfinished Symphonies."  This is 
the third issue to continue the layout experiment 
begun some months earlier, and it remains 
faithful to that impulse. It consolidates the 
series' tendency to treat submissions as material 
for graphic improvisation by the editor. We asked 
contributors to offer their unfinished works, and 
they did. The first dozen pages of the issue 
consist of our compositions using these 
contributions as source material, the results 
appearing on the top two-thirds of each page, 
while the bottom third displays Retrofuturism no. 
3, edited by the Tape-beatles.

Contributors include. Ll. Dunn, Pete Spence, The 
Tape-beatles, Arturo Giuseppe Fallico, Steve 
Harp, Dave Coulter, Steve Perkins, Mark Rose, 
Joel Score, John Heck, Bob Grumman, Dominique 
John, John Stickney, Chris Mitchell, Philippe 
Billé, David Dunlap, Chris Winkler, Thom Metzger, 
Musicmaster, Ivan Sládek, Piotr Szyhalski, Lang 
Thompson, John Held, Jr.

PhotoStatic 30.5
Description: http://psrf.detritus.net/volume/5/p30h.html
Direct download: http://psrf.detritus.net/pdf/p30h.pdf (4.2 Mb)

Description. "Rejects Supplement." The idea of a 
"Rejects Supplement" was the direct result of our 
knee-jerk egalitarianism, seeking to counteract 
the notion that there was some was an individual 
taste, with all the shortcomings that this 
implies, necessarily limiting the range of works 
included in the publication. Our attempt to 
remedy this comprises this issue. A guest editor 
(visual poet Crag Hill) was invited to review the 
works rejected by Lloyd Dunn (the usual editor) 
in an effort to present some of the (also) good 
works that had inevitably been overlooked due to 
differences in taste, or possibly for the more 
banal reason of lack of space.

Contributors include. Crag Hill, Yrizarry, 
Elizabeth Was, Miekal And, d'Zoid, Tom Hibbard, 
John R[ininger], Serse Luigetti, Jack Moskovitz, 
Joel Lipman, Carol Stetser, t. Winter-Damon, 
Richard C., Luc Fierens, Steve Perkins, Chris 
Winkler, Jorge Caraballo, Mark Pawson.

PhonoStatic 30' Cassette
Description: http://psrf.detritus.net/volume/5/k8.html
(direct download of  14 ogg vorbis file available on above link)

Description. "Concatenations." This present 
compilation requested submissions which were 
composed of nothing but concatenations. It is 
fair to say that the artists who submitted 
achieved varying levels of concord with this 
request. Three early works by The Tape-beatles 
are perhaps most faithful to the concept, which 
should not be surprising, considering who put 
together the comp. Many more excellent tracks 
accompany these, and the sequence of tracks is 
arranged for maximum listenability.

Contributors include. No Idea, Bob Gregory and 
Jason Gibbs, Harry Polkinhorn, X.Y. Zedd, Face in 
the Crowd, MoriArty, The Tape-beatles, Fredrick 

Project Overview: The Photostatic Retrograde 
Archive serves as an electronic repository for a 
complete collection of PhotoStatic Magazine, 
PhonoStatic Cassettes, Retrofuturism, and Psrf, 
(as well as related titles). Issues are posted as 
PDF files, at more or less regular intervals, in 
reverse chronological order to form a 
chronological mirror image of the original 
series. When the first issue, dating from 1983, 
is finally posted in several year's time, then 
this electronic archive will be complete.

Issue directory: http://psrf.detritus.net/issues.html
Project URL: http://psrf.detritus.net/


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