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Steev Hise steev at detritus.net
Wed Oct 8 17:12:24 PDT 2003

wow, can't pass this thread up.  besides what Carrie suggested
(damn i still haven't gotten around to reading Siva's book),
here's a list: first look at the Detritus Rhizome print page:

stuff i've read relatively recently that I haven't added to that

-Kembrew McLeod's "Owning Culture"  - a really easy read and a
good overview. For me I'd already seen most of the information
but it's a good overall survey. So if you haven't already read a
lot on the subject and dont have a lot of time to do so, I'd
recommend going for this.
-Lessing's first book "Code" - sort of tilted toward software,
and covers other things besides copyright,
but there's a lot of useful stuff about IP in general
-The Cultural Life of Intellectual Properties, Rosemary J. Coombe
-Copyrighting Culture, Ronald V. Bettig
-Authors and Owners, Mark Rose

Anyone read "Silent Theft"? It came out last year and I havent
had a chance to get to it.  I'm actually sort of at a saturation
point, stuff is seeming pretty redundant lately so I've stopped
reading on the subject, other than current events.


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