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Recycled Rainbow 7
Saturday, October 18th, 2003
Lakewood, Ohio
Theme: Illumination

Be prepared!  And read on...important info to follow -- each one more 
significant than the next --

Read EVERYTHING, please!

1. BRING TRADES!!!! This doesn't happen nearly enough.

There will be an ::::illuminated:::: "take one, leave one" CD rack on the 
bar top specifically for music trades.

Reminder: Lakewood Library Sale will be going on all weekend. Lots of 
books, videos, tapes, and vinyl to be had at very cheap prices. Expect none 
of them to be "hip" but rather a "square hip." I'm not making any promises 
of what you can find by the time you may get to checking it out. Your 
findings here can be used as trades, and perhaps in your performances as well.

2. Please bring drawing, painting, coloring materials this weekend if you 
have any. If you have more than enough for yourself, I encourage you to 
bring more for others who may not have any.

3. All public rooms will either have projectors in them (projecting live 
video from other rooms) and / or speakers in them (playing live sound from 
other rooms.) You have been warned.

4. Please bring extra outfits (especially fabric) that fits the theme if 
you have any. Someone here will have the materials necessary to create 
parts of an outfit for those who come here without one. Nevertheless, it is 
highly encouraged to come dressed as creatively as you can within your 
means. Even if you can't fit the theme...don't worry about that....just be 

5. People will be handed note pads when they come here. Please always keep 
one on you with something to write in it with.

6. No inhibitions allowed, PLEASE!  When you are here, you are no longer 
"out there." Behave as creatively as possible and accept/tolerate the 
creativity of others. If someone enjoys jumping up and down yelling "the 
mortar of tunnels has become the petal of its thorn" over and over, then 
that is their thing. Respect it and leave it be. If someone wants to sit in 
the corner all night and stare blankly, then that's their thing. Go with 
it, add to it, sit and stare with them, but don't harass or criticize the 
situation. Let all negative feelings go. When you are here, celebrate the 
"now", and concentrate on "now."  We have been shaped and molded by our 
culture/environment to be a certain way, and most of us don't care for what 
that is. We'd prefer to be ourselves.....I mean, our "selves." We don't 
normally behave that way, because society has defined it as unusual, wrong, 
incorrect, unhip, not them, not what THEY do, not what they ALL do, but we 
aren't them, we are each a different person, so let's behave like US, together.

Let's synchronize together.

7. Straight video camera usage will be strictly prohibited in the house or 
anywhere on this property.

Usage will be confined to "creative" filming.

Film upside down. Put saran wrap on your lens. Put a blue filter or green 
filter over it. Film only in 2 second chunks. Do whatever creative things 
you can think of to your filming, but do not just do any straight filming 
for the sake of documenting the event. "Documenting" is not accepted as 

This has been allowed in the past, but it's going to stop. This is a 
multi-media art event, and all mediums will be present...with one 
limitation, and that is that you use all mediums as creatively as possible.

If you upload your videos to the web, we ask that you make creative edits 
or visual alterations FIRST, and then upload. Don't just core dump them to 
a website...please be creative. Make changes.

Most importantly, GET PERMISSION from those you film, if you are filming 
people.  The web poll results show an overwhelming majority of sentiment 
for allowing cameras provided that you don't film people without their consent.

Anyone who abuses this restriction will never be invited back, and I cannot 
be more serious about that.

On a related note: we will also not be netcasting this event's video or 
sound. While doing so was kind of cool in the past, I feel we will be more 
"in sync" without that distraction.

(We WILL record the main mixing board's output, unless an artist 
specifically asks that we don't.)

In summary: cameras and mics of all kinds are allowed...but you are 
restricted to creative and consensual usage.

8. I understand there is a performance of some sort in Cleveland this 
Friday night that a couple of the RR early birds plan on attending. While 
this is fine, let it also be understood that Friday night is the last night 
for preparation, cleaning, and testing. Those who come here and wish to 
stay in this house overnight are expected to do a minimal amount of 
cleaning and helping. (Many people who are NOT staying here still offer to 
come over and help us.) Please make this chores a priority.

This has always happened without issue, and it has always been a most fun 
part of the weekend. While we like this being an enjoyable weekend stay for 
you, we also expect these prep sessions to be treated as something 
important.  As each event passes, we seem to do the "cleanup" at later and 
later hours, and the sobriety (or alertness) level gets lower, and the 
actual cleaning gets done less efficiently. I am not targeting anyone 
specifically, but making an observation that things get less clean as we 
start later.

This time we will insist this gets done before you go off doing anything 
else. If there is a show you want to see that night, then just do a couple 
chores here and then go. We don't mean "you arrive, you drop your bags, you 
clean."  We mean, please do your chores BEFORE you go out that night, or 
before you start partying with us. Those who have been here on Friday can 
testify that we're not asking for more than 30 minutes worth of help.  And 
as I keep saying, the more who show up on Friday, the less there will be 
for anyone to do.

You are not at fault if you cannot get here until midnight or later. Chores 
will be reserved for you, and the same will go for you...please make them 
one of your first priorities when you get here. Sit down, have a drink, get 
over your jet-lag or car-lag and whatnot, and then we ask that you please 
help us for awhile.

Otherwise, you can stay in a hotel. (Note: many of our guests DO stay in 
hotels out of personal preference, but they still offer to help us prepare 
and clean on Fridays.)  Directions to local hotels are provided on the 
website (http://www.recycledrainbow.com)

9. Donations will be asked for (not required.)  We have spent over $1,000 
on toys, lights, audio gear, and assorted art supplies specifically just 
for this event. We don't expect to get it all back, but donations will be 
strongly encouraged. Don't forget, we will have several air filters setup 
for the convenience of the many "non-smokers" who come here. The filter 
replacements cost us money as well. (Smokers are encouraged to keep their 
smoke downstairs or outside.)

10. An hour or two before sundown, the front door will be blocked off be 
the left speaker. Windows will be shut. You'll have to use the back door. 
Please get yourself and your gear loaded inside as early as possible. The 
event starts at 4 PM, and this time I expect everyone to be here 
participating for real. Hungry? Bring your dinner here.

DJ's welcome to perform during the Friday night gathering. Fudgie and Fufu 
are welcome too.

11. We will once again be using two stage areas, basement and first floor.

12. Be respectful to the art in the house by adding more.

13. The dada tape recorder will indeed be here, and more strictly enforced. 
Want a drink? Pay the price of a creative sentence.

14. Bring lights, TOYS, bring video projectors, and bring glow sticks!

15. There will be a computer with net access available, weather permitting, 
on the front lawn, with chairs, and a workshop held by Mark Gunderson of 
the Evolution Control Committee. This will be during the day, and perhaps 
at night if it can be kept supervised.

16. TOYS TOYS TOYS....bring battery operated noise-making toys! Open Mic 
will allow for battery operated toys. One minute limitation per person per 
microphone. One minute goes by, kindly tap the person in front of you and 
they will kindly move aside, getting the hint, taking a moment to listen to 
others, and then do their own thing on the next mic.

17. Updated Schedule of Performers:

4:00 PM  DJ'ing
5:00 PM Dan Serkland
6:00 PM Workshoppe Radio Phonik
7:00 PM stAllio!
8:00 PM Chalk
8:30 PM DJ Empirical
9:30 PM Infinite Numbers of Sound
10:30 PM 9-Volt Haunted House
11:30 PM The In-QUIZ-ition
12:00 AM A Little Deaf
12:05 AM Open Mic (feat. David Wills of Negativland)
12:30 AM I Hear Latinas Are All The Wear This Season In Hell
1:00 AM The Invisible Generation
2:15 AM Nagoya Math Journal
2:45 AM DJ Vitruvius

Theme: Illumination
Saturday, October 18th, 2003
Lakewood, Ohio
Recycled Rainbow 7

Email me for directions.

Let's synchronize together. 

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