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Mon Oct 20 11:12:53 PDT 2003

Here's another short film, rumorites might want to look out for:


"Virgil Widrich returns to RESFEST with yet another outstanding filmmaking achievement created through painstaking effort. Widrich printed more than 65,000 images from 300 films, folded them into paper objects and then brought them to life in a complex homage to the action film that also magically traces the history of cinema. 

Created using paper, a sturdy printer, toner, After Effects, scissors, pointed folding tool for creating sharp creases, a saw for creating rough edges, a Canon EOS D30 digital still camera, Maxtor disks using a FireWire interface and Kamill hand cream, to soothe the 24 hands folding 65,000 paper models."

if you like fight sequences between King Kong, Godzilla, Dracula on a train and other places only film can go, this is a treat.  It's part of ResFest which is currently on tour, their expanded criteria ends up loosing focus but it's still a great place to see stuffs.  (but stay away from the cinema electronica, it's beyond dredful...)

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pleix is a french collective that does lots of really nice music
videos for blippy bleepy musicians.
this one is particularly great and full of collaged elements:

see here for more:

i like 'ITSU" a lot too...


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