[Rumori] Hollywood Preaches Anti-Piracy to Schools

Tim Maloney nakedrabbit at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 25 00:17:53 PDT 2003

>"If you haven't paid for it, you've stolen it."
>that really sums it all up, doesn't it?

And the super-insane lie about all this is the way that the RIAA and 
MPAA estimate money "lost" to piracy.  As we all know by now, they 
simply take the number of pirate copies they GUESS are around and 
count each one of them as a lost potential sale, and consider that 
money as earnings they "lost" to pirates.  Regardless of how many 
people might not have bought it at all if they had no pirate copy to 

I used to agree with those who thought the only "wrongful" copying 
was in the realm of bootlegging, but since I visited Hong Kong, I 
think this issue is even more complicated than that.  A lot of the 
pirate HK videos and VCD's I saw were selections that are simply not 
available in Chinese.  The bootleggers subtitle them and release them 
for a market the original seller isn't even attempting.

And everyone there told me that there are Disney stores open in HK, 
but not many can afford them, so they go for the pirate goods, which 
are cheaper.  Everyone would rather have the real Disney stuff, but 
they can't pay what Disney is asking - if Disney wanted 100% of the 
sales and no money to the pirates, they could LOWER THEIR PRICES...

This is just like the world of "sales projections," where "experts" 
sit around and guess how much money they would like to make next year 
and how much of their unlimited growth they should enjoy.  Then when 
they fail to meet that "projection" (total fabricated guess, rather) 
they blame outside factors in the economy.  Or piracy.

It's a very complicated issue, and these clowns are doing nothing to 
help anyone with this simple-minded message, not even themselves in 
the long run.
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