[Rumori] anti-michael moore site attacks f9/11 by posting bootlegcopy

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moorewatch.com is a site which attempts to discredit or disproove statements made by Moore, it has nothing to do with Moore himself.

Moore was quoted early on that he wanted kids under the 'R' rating to sneak in and see the movie.  So the logics are similar but one doesn't legitimise the other.   by now you can just hear the phone call from the distributors to Moore that he's gotta 'revise' his copyright opinion.  if that quote is faithful.

Oh well, there goes a good chance to create "f9/11 : fuller disclosure edit" which would expand with additional footage of the things MM clips close or things left out which people like Hitchens has pointed out (Richard Clark's "I take responsability" for instance) and slipping f9/11:fde back into the BT feed...


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Am I reading that right? They're trying to discredit him by distributing his 
movie free-of charge? I tried to go to moorewatch.com to see what their 
logic was for this, but the site's down.

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>NEW YORK - The war between Michael Moore and his critics has escalated
>as a Web site targeting the “Fahrenheit 9/11” director posted a link to
>an illegal “Fahrenheit” file download. In the process, it also attacked
>the filmmaker’s stance on copyright law.

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