[Rumori] People Like Us new album release at UbuWeb

Vicki Bennett peoplelikeus at mistral.co.uk
Mon Jul 19 19:30:45 PDT 2004

Thanks :)

Some DJ just wrote and asked me for a promo, I had to explain that an 
mp3 release isn't something I could possibly put into an envelope.  
Thank goodness.


On 19 Jul 2004, at 18:22, Vályi Gábor wrote:

> To paraphrase ABBA:
>     Thank you for the music, the cutting and pasting
>     Thanks for all the DIY you're bringing
> I guess this is just the right move in getting music out to the people 
> when
> music biz is about to kick the bucket.
> Thanks again,
> Gabor Valyi
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>> People Like Us is pleased to announce the exclusive release their new
>> recordings "Abridged Too Far" on the internet at www.ubu.com.
>> Mon. 19 July -- Following last year's posting of their full 14 year
>> discography for free download, People Like Us is going one step 
>> further
>> in releasing a new album exclusively online. Given the poor state of
>> music/media distribution for non-major label music, PLU are favouring
>> circulation of one's work as the ultimate goal, in the belief that the
>> gift economy ultimately reaps as much, if not more rewards by reaching
>> more people.
>> "We strongly believe in the power of profit through free distribution.
>> Often people have never heard of an artist because they aren't being
>> distributed through as many channels as they should be, due to the 
>> very
>> poor state of music/media distribution for non-major label music
>> coupled with ignorance of the way that avant garde art forms 
>> infiltrate
>> mainstream culture. Also many prints of a work are allowed to go out 
>> of
>> circulation or are deleted for no reason other than cost effectiveness
>> by a label/publisher. This makes perfect sense financially, but no
>> sense whatsoever that a year's work by an artist should also disappear
>> for such reasons. So get all of this while you can, and we completely
>> endorse getting one's work out there, no matter what. If you don't
>> share, your profit is limited."
>> "Abridged Too Far" is a collection of audio work first conceived
>> through experimentation through or on radio. Given that this was the
>> initial point of inspiration, it feels most appropriate to release 
>> this
>> on the internet which has similar 'on the air' qualities. The
>> experience found from internet broadcasting and sharing is very
>> different to that of the world of retail - the effect is immediate and
>> far fetching, plus the feedback can be immense. It is a good feeling 
>> to
>> know the work is far more likely to reach it's intended audience since
>> it transcends physical borders.
>> On Abridged Too Far, People Like Us continues its pastiche of
>> impressions of popular music from Europe and America from the 1920s
>> thru to 1990s. Bennett's work is an examination of  the affect of
>> hearing well known tunes and lyrics in fragments, then putting those
>> elements to play-- resonating, intermingling and recombining with the
>> listeners own associations and shards of memories. But this music,
>> countering the pathos of straight tear-sucking nostalgia never settles
>> in a place for its listener to cozily reflect times past.  Rather, the
>> deft recontextualization and juxtaposition of individual elements
>> creates an alchemical space of sublime and satirical transformation.
>> This work is justified only because it is transformative; that it
>> reflects something that may never have even been what it was perceived
>> to be.  People Like Us weaves a  revealing nether-narrative to
>> accompany  popular culture's monolithic straight telling of its own
>> history.  The reality of which is columned by the sinister
>> underpinnings of rapacious consumer culture and empty marketing.
>> This is not background music. It is  engaging, inclusive and
>> reflective. Not only a conduit of dialogic criticism  for Ms. Bennett,
>> People Like Us is also personal and personable to a stranger given our
>> shared experience and running commentary of the Western World.
>> Do not buy this album!
>> http://www.ubu.com
>> http://www.peoplelikeus.org
>> http://www.peoplelikeus.org
>> http://www.wfmu.org/playlists/PL
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