[Rumori] online albums

stephen hastings-king brainstone at yifan.net
Thu Jul 22 16:40:49 PDT 2004

 list comrades!

i have been on the list for quite a while but have not posted anything 
of the music i am involved with until now.  it doesnt quite alot into 
the main concerns voiced on the list, but it is a barrage in its own 


information about us, the performances that we are gearing up for.
there is a 70 meg mp3 of a performance from last february for your 
delectation in obvious section.  the instrumentation is piano and 
electronics---you should not be able to tell what is what for big 
chunks of the performance.  
there are no treatments ex post---it is a live improvised set.
play it loud please.  
and bounce back reactions, if you are so inclined.

we'll be putting new music up shortly.



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