[Rumori] new animals within animals mp3ep for free download

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Wed Jul 28 08:25:33 PDT 2004

animals within animals and lost frog productions present:

animals within animals - get me some press or kill these people

tokyo-based lost frog productions has put out the first studio release
from animals within animals in three years, & it's available for free
download, with pdf cover art for you to print out and hang on your

"get me some press or kill these" people is raw and emotional.  it
takes the cutup sampling sensibilities of awia's earlier studio work
and infuses it with the harsh noise flavor of their live performances. 
the result is intense and seemingly erratic, as the reptilian brain
overcomes the mammalian brain and arranges sound based on raw instinct
rather than cold logic or "musical" formula.

check it out at http://www.lostfrog.net/

and hey, while you're there, you might as well download some of the
other lost frog mp3 releases...  a few of my favorites include the
releases by panicsville, five starcle men, & kingdom scum...  & how can
you not like a band called "world targets in megadeaths"?

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