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Rick Prelinger footage at panix.com
Wed Jun 2 00:22:21 PDT 2004


I'm going to show "Panorama Ephemera," a feature-length collage film 
I recently finished, at the San Francisco Cinematheque on Sunday, 
June 13 at 7:30 pm.  Please come if you can.

You can read a description, view or download it at 
The description also follows at the end of this email.

The screening will take place at California College of Arts, 1111 
Eighth St., San Francisco.  Directions here: 

For New Yorkers: I'll be showing it on 9/20 at Anthology Film Archives.

Thanks, hope to see you,


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PANORAMA EPHEMERA (2004, 89:35 min., color and black and white) is a 
collage of sequences drawn from a wide variety of ephemeral 
(industrial, advertising, educational and amateur) films, touring the 
conflicted landscapes of twentieth-century America. The films' 
often-skewed visions construct an American history filled with horror 
and hope, unreeling in familiar and unexpected ways.

PANORAMA EPHEMERA focuses on familiar and mythical activities and 
images in America (1626-1978). Many creatures and substances that we 
hardly notice because we feel so used to them take center stage, 
including pigs, corn, water, telephones, fire, and rice. At first 
resembling a compilation, it soon reveals itself as a journey through 
the American landscape over time, and the story begins to emerge 
between the sequences.

The film consists of 64 self-contained film sequences ranging from 5 
seconds to 4 minutes in length arranged into a narrative. Unlike many 
films made using archival footage, it's primarily a combination of 
sequences rather than a collage of individual shots.

PANORAMA EPHEMERA is populated by American children, animals, 
farmers, industrial workers, superheroes, pioneers heading West, 
crash test dummies, and many others.

PANORAMA EPHEMERA is released under a Creative Commons
"Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike" license, and may be freely 
shown, copied, or distributed according to the terms of this license 


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