[Rumori] Reagan Rock

e.rodney. jones erodneyjones at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 6 14:06:42 PDT 2004


I'm looking for some good recs on audio material of
"our" now-deceased ex-president, RR. I'm planning to
incorporate this material into a radio show I'll be
doing later this week (on KALX in Berkeley CA). Anyone
got any ideas (and sources)? I'm thinking of either
works that use his voice or straight audio that I
would be able to use (from all points in his career).

I'm especially looking for a copy (in any format) of
this thing released on LP long ago: "Ronald Reagan
Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine". Anyone got a
copy of this?

I'm also interested in recs of songs about him, not
necc. involving his sounds (i.e. Suicidal Tendencies'
"I Shot Reagan," Crucifucks' "Hinckley had a Vision,"
DKs, Reagan Youth, etc. Any hip hop? Any *pro* Reagan
music, recordings?

On or off list.


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