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Steev Hise steev at detritus.net
Wed Jun 9 01:13:29 PDT 2004

on Mon, 7 Jun 2004 stAllio! the original wanksta told me:

->spam is such a problem these days that yahoo's filter can be a bit
->restrictive.  it can be inconvenient, but probably better than getting
->all that spam in your inbox.  you can set up a filter so that future
->rumori messages will not go to bulk mail.
->in yahoo mail, click "mail options" then click "filters".  then, if you
->click the "add" button, you can create a rule so that any email with
->"rumori" in the subject line will be sent directly to your inbox.  be
->sure to click "add filter" when you're done.

I've noticed this repeatedly with yahoo. I've also tried
contacting them many times to learn how to get off their list,
but they never reply.

I've even heard from friends with yahoo accounts that even after
they mark email from me as not spam or not to be blocked, later
emails from me still goes into their bulk folders.

lame yahoo...


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