[Rumori] The Plagiarist on Some Assembly Required - and new collage label

Jon Nelson postconsumer01 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 11 02:56:25 PDT 2004

hi rumori!
Tune in to Some Assembly Required this Saturday for an
interview with Owen O'toole - He's the man behind the
Plagiarist, as well as Waferface, and he performs with
the band Wet Gate as well. I interviewed him way back
in 2001 around the time he was in town with Wet Gate
(along with Steev Hise, John Oswald, The Tape-beatles
and Wobbly, for a series of shows I organized for a
local film festival) and I'm JUST NOW getting around
to airing it. I think I burned out around that time
and have only been catching my second wind this past
year or so. anyway - Tune in to hear a little bit
about another one of us - this Saturday, 2-3PM (CST),
on Some Assembly Required - radiok.org to listen

also, speaking of sound collage artists who do radio
and start their own record labels - I'm starting my
own record label. a small one, but three records all
at once to start. The first is by a couple of brothers
from Minnesota who sent me a tape of some collage they
made on their dual cassette deck - they're called the
Coherent Enocherence. The second is by an artist you
might know, if you've perused Illegal Art's online
webshop - also originally from Minnesota: Splatt.
"World of Splatt" is a best-of compilation, with
tracks from the nine or ten self released albums he's
put out himself. And the third is a live CD by my band
- Escape Mechanism. After the debut CD in 1999, I
formed a band and played out around minneapolis a bit.
Our last performance was at the aforementioned film
festival in 2001. I collected the recordings from all
of our live shows and picked my favorite moments and
put together a live CD. We called ourselves Cast of
Thousands with Escape Mechanism. These are all
available for purchase at www.recombinations.com, and
very soon they will also be available at Illegal Art's
webshop as well. Let me know if you do radio and you
want a promo copy of any of these. I'll send it off

So tune in for Owen Otoole on SAR this Saturday, June
12 at 2pm, and while you're listening, visit my new
label's website at www.recombinations.com

thanks for the plug,
jon nelson


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