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Praemedia News for June, 2004

Ye Olde Shoppe

Well, we’ve finally gone and done it. After a few
months of collecting some great CDs, and a few more
months of Lance struggling desperately with his
limited HTML skills to come up with something
reasonable, we have completed building a brand new
WEBSHOP. Not only do we carry our own Praemedia
releases, but also releases from independent labels
all over the world which currently fascinate us,
including Flyrec, Improvised Music from Japan,
Post-Concrete, Cycling 74, Accretions, Headz, Cubic
Music and many, many more. Check it out at

Magic Maple, all and sundry

Blevin Blectum’s ‘Magic Maple’ is going....well, like
maple syrup. Weddings,computer crashes, volcanoes and
other natural disasters have delayed its release, but
we’re coming close folks. We’ll let you know when it
is all ready. The new disc and dvd by Sagan is coming
along fabulously as well, and should be released
sometime before the year is out by Vague Terrain.
Speaking (vaguely) of friends and family, cruise on
over to http://brainwashed.com/matmos/news.html for
some beautiful MP3s of Matmos in collaboration with
Sagan, Wobbly, Thomas Dimuzio and many more.

Jiffy Scuttler

 JIFFY SCUTTLER, the new monthly music series in San
Francisco curated by Blevin Blectum, Lesser, Sean
Rooney and Lance Grabmiller is going strong. The last
Friday of every month at the RX gallery....oh hell,
just go here - http://jiffyscuttler.praemedia.com for
all the ever changing information. So far we’ve
welcomed Carl Stone, Pepito, The Dick Slessig Combo,
The Blithe Sons, Wobbly and Tim Perkis, with so much
more to come! On June 25th, we’ll host William
Winnant, Skizmatic and Circuit73 and coming up on July
30th will be Hrvatski, Kendra Juul and Philip
Sherburne. Watch the JiffyScuttler website for all the
latest news.

Stars Like Fleas

The new Stars Like Fleas website is looking fabulous!
Check it out at http://slf.praemedia.com. Also, be
sure to check out the crazy interview in Splendidzine
(http://www.splendidezine.com/features/slf/) and
Shannon Fields’ amazing ‘vision’ for the Diagram sound
issue (http://thediagram.com/3_6/) which was recently
mentioned in the Wire. Somewhere in the bowels of
Brooklyn a new Stars Like Fleas album is taking shape.
In the meantime, never pass up an opportunity to see
Shannon Fields in rock-star guise as the guitarist for
The Silent League (http://www.thesilentleague.com/).

Tim Perkis

Over the last few months, Tim has been playing
fascinating duets all over the bay area with our good
friend Wobbly. Rumor has it that some of this material
will see the light of day as part of an expanded
re-release of Tim’s “Perkolator” (originally released
as a limited edition CDR in 1999 by Limited Sedition -


Lance Grabmiller

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