[Rumori] Irdial Wilco and WEA Settle Spy Radio SampleLawsuit

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Tue Jun 22 09:46:57 PDT 2004

I don't see what copyright over the recording they can claim, since they
recorded a recording (or is the CIA transmitting live, and even if it was, so
what, you don't have copyright over the recording of a John Peel session, do

I think the point is in the fact that "after the case was brought to the High
Court of Justice in London they have finally relented..." The big boys NEVER go
to court in copyright cases although they always use it as a threat. They
ALWAYS reach an extrajudiciary agreement. The reason is quite simple: when they
go to court, they run the risk of losing and they have a lot to lose (in fact,
they OFTEN lose). Their big army of lawyers is not meant to go to court but tho
reach agreements. You do not pay a million-dollar lawyer to present a case in
front of of a fifty-thousand-dollar-a-year judge. That would be wasting money.

(And of course this case was presented in front of a London court, where the
judges are not payed in dollars, probably still wear wigs, and where copyright
laws are somewhat different from the ones at DMCA-land).

Anki Toner

En/Na Anthony Hall ha escrit:

> At 07:01 21/06/2004 -0700, you wrote:
> >from the irdial list.  sticking it to the man aside, i'm not entirely
> >comfortable with this news.
> Agreed. "...failing to obtain permission to release their CD with our sound
> on it..."
> Whose sound exactly ? I guess they are claiming copyright over the
> recording as opposed to the "composition" but that's quite offensive.
> They say loads of people have sampled their CDs - do they all pay a
> royaltty or did Irdial just go for WEA to get some cash, or were they just
> narked that they were never asked ???
> Personally, I made a track a few years ago that had a russian numbers
> station on it, taped off shortwave by myself and then cut up number by
> number - what happens if that station is also on the Irdial discs ? How do
> I prove that I made that recording from radio and didn't sample it from
> their CD (I know there are ways to do it, just making a point).
> You're right - this leaves a nasty taste in the mouth.
> --
> Ant
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