[Rumori] 4 competitions, 4 subjects and $400 (of my own money)

David Goldschmidt david at personify.tv
Fri Jun 25 20:24:25 PDT 2004

Hi all-

I am going to personally host four small contests (two weeks each) to see who can rip and remix from TV/film/etc ... and I need some ideas for the four subjects/themes.

For example, "Ronald Reagan" may be one of the subjects ... the contestants would have to rip and remix anything they could find related to the ex-prez 

Another subject/theme may be ... "prescription drug commercial advertisements". Hence, contestants would have to rip and remix from commercials like Viagra, Claritin, etc

Another theme may be that of a particular Film or Film Director.

Another may be a particular corporate brand

Or possibly a particular phrase such as "I have a dream" or "United we stand".  

So if there is any subject that you would like to have ripped and dissected then let me know.

Check out the website for more info ... www.mediatrips.com


david goldschmidt
san francisco, ca

                                +++sampling popculture is not a crime

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