[Rumori] John Oswald receives major Canadian art award

Darren Wershler-Henry darren at alienated.net
Thu Mar 4 16:18:39 PST 2004

On March 10, John Oswald will receive a Governor General's Award for Visual
and Media Arts.

The Governor General's Awards in Visual and Media Arts were created jointly
by the Canada Council for the Arts and His Excellency the Right Honourable
Roméo LeBlanc, Governor General of Canada, in 1999. Six $15,000 prizes are
annually for distinguished career achievement in the visual and media arts,
and one $15,000 prize for distinguished contributions to the visual and
media arts through voluntarism, philanthropy, board governance or community
outreach activities.

Jury citation: ³John Oswald has created an art - and vocabulary - of his own
in his exceptional and innovative work as sound artist, image alchemist,
composer and media artist. He is a master of extended-time morphing and a
digitally-adept deconstructionist of sound and music. He is a prolific
plunderer of all that¹s available in modern culture. Oswald¹s art, while
often playful, is a serious examination of basic elements. His influence on
an entire generation of artists and his international reputation attest to
his free-ranging spirit of innovation and exploration.²



Darren Wershler-Henry
darren at alienated.net

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