[Rumori] recycling fairy tales: Gregory Maaguire

Steev Hise steev at detritus.net
Sun Mar 14 13:20:45 PST 2004

(Hi all, I am back from South America...)

Maguire is an author who has written some interesting books (or
they look interesting, i havent read them yet)
that recycle classic old stories: "Wicked", about the Wicked
Witch of the West and Oz, and "Mirror Mirror" about, you guessed
it, Snow White, and "Confession of an Ugly Stepsister",

Here's an interview with him where he says a few interesting
things about how he works and his thoughts about re-using stories
(and his stuff being re-used - Wicked is going to be a
Broadway play soon).


(I wonder if he's read Donald Barthelme's retelling of Snow
White? a much more experimental book than any of Maguire's
appear to be.)


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