[Rumori] not cultural recycling, but...

matt davignon mattdavignon at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 16 09:44:48 PST 2004

Real recycling!

Found Objects Night
Friday, March 19th,  8pm, $6-10
21 Grand
449B 23rd St (between Broadway & Telegraph)

Karen Stackpole
Die Elektrishen
Jon Brumit
Cheryl Leonard & Tim Blue

6 artists perform using only sounds from a pile of objects submitted by the 
audience. They are allowed to use any devices they choose (samplers, fx, 
bows, mallets, etc.) to organize and manipulate sounds. Please bring 
something interesting for the musicians to make sounds with (no guns or 
animals, please).

Lesser's music delivers crunchy snares and overdriven bass frequencies with 
a heaping helping of skeptical humor, gritty digital noise, and DIY 
instrument-building ingenuity. Soldering together new instruments out of the 
refuse of 80's mixers and synths, J Lesser avoids the standard sounds and 
strategies in favor of a confrontational, schizophrenic and often hilarious 
rethinking of conventional "intelligent" electronic dance music.

Karen Stackpole's "normal" instruments range from kitchen utensils to exotic 
percussion, but she specializes in gongs and cymbals in particular. Her 
music often focuses on "insect sounds", space and metallic resonance.

Die Elektrishen is also known as Drucifer, the main force behind Dielectric 
Records and the Dielectric Drone All-Stars (in which his musical 
contribution was "Electric Trains".)

Jon Brumit is known for his work for multiple turntables, as well as 
"Piledriver", a recording using objects found at the San Francisco Dump.

Glass shards and pinecones, a flock of accordions, circular saw blades, 
viola, the erhu, hyenas and elk, Cheryl E. Leonard’s music finds its raw 
materials just about anywhere. Many of Leonard’s works explore subtle 
textures and latent intricacies in sounds not generally considered musical. 
Recently these investigations have expanded to include the creation of 
instruments, primarily from found materials.

Tim Blue normally plays violin and guitar, and frequently collaborates with 
Cheryl, including Instruments In Trees (in which they combine pinecones, 
leaves, and tree branches with string instruments) and the Armageddon String 

Curated by Matt Davignon.

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