[Rumori] looking for an ISP

Mike Rizzi rizzi at xmission.com
Sun Mar 21 11:24:28 PST 2004

David Goldschmidt, demi-God and Icon sez:
>anyone know of  an ISP that won't rush to shut down a website at the =
>first sign of trouble.  some of the works we'll be showing may push the =
>limits of FAIR USE.  i don't want an ISP that is willing to shut us down =
>without a court order.  let me know.

	I've been using xmission.com for about 10 years,
	and they are excellent. The owner used to be
	active in the Internet music community and
	has hosted music related mailing lists and websites
	for a long time (notably the venerable nm-list
	and the zorn-list). They are a medium sized ISP
	with about 30 employees and have a long tradition
	of standing up against censorship.

	I dropped them an email asking about your fair use 
	issue and they said "Yeah, send him our way.  We
	stand up to people without court orders all the time."

	I guess you gotta be tough if you're running an
	ISP in Mormon controlled Utah. :)

	mike rizzi
	oakland, CA

>david goldschmidt
>san francisco, ca
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