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Jiffy-Scuttler Three: Friday, March 26
Doors Open: 8pm
Music Begins: about 9
at Rx Gallery -- 132 Eddy (near Mason) -- 1 block
north of Powell Bart
San Francisco, CA, USA
Marcos Fernandes & Robert Montoya
Damon Holzborn
Tim Perkis & Wobbly

marcos fernandes - field recordings
robert montoya - electronics

marcos fernandes and robert montoya are it.  it is the
most recent collaborative effort by the two musicians
who have worked together on numerous projects over the
past two decades.  it is improvisation, intuition and
information.  it is texture, tension and time.  it is
an experiment.  it is evolving.  it is not the end.

Born in Yokohama, Japan, Marcos Fernandes has long
been active in San Diego as performer, producer and
curator. He has performed in Japan, Hong Kong, Mexico
and the US as a solo improviser, phonographer and as
percussionist/sound artist with various ensembles,
including Wormhole, a decade-long collaboration with
percussionist/sound artist Robert Montoya. Fernandes
runs the artist-based independent label Accretions,
started nearly two decades ago as a vehicle for his
then worldbeat group Burning Bridges and which now
features some of today's more innovative
experimentalists such as Fred Frith, Barre Philips,
and Scott Fields to name just a few. He is a founding
member of the Trummerflora collective, dedicated to
creative music in Southern California. Fernandes'
recordings have appeared on Accretions,
Bake/Staalplaat, Pan handler and Phonography.org.

Robert Montoya (improviser-percussionist-sound artist)
has been active in the San Diego music scene since the
early '80s. He is a founding member of Trummerflora, a
musicians collective dedicated to creative music.
Montoya's current projects include collaborations with
fellow percussionist Marcos Fernandes and bassist
Lisle Ellis, and the Nortec Collective.He has
performed and/or recorded with Trummerflora, George
Lewis, Le Quan Ninh, Mike Keneally, David Gould,
Wormhole Effect and Ultra 7. A Tijuana native, Montoya
has performed in Japan, Hong Kong, Mexico and the US.

damon holzborn - electronics

Damon Holzborn is an improviser and composer who works
primarily with electronics. In performance, he makes
the recognizable unrecognizable, subjecting sound
sources such as guitar and field recordings to
manipulation through custom-programmed interfaces,
traditional effects and interactive processes.
Holzborn is a founding member of the Trummerflora
collective, co-creator of zucasa.com, and has
presented his work in the US, Mexico and Japan,
performing as a solo artist and with several
ensembles, including Donkey (a decade-long
collaboration with musiciann/filmmaker Hans
Fjellestad), Quibble, and Titicacaman (with Nathan
Hubbard and Marcelo Radulovich). Holzborn also creates
music for dance, often collaborating with innovative
dance collective Lower Left, producing both custom
compositions and improvised performances. Holzborn
holds a degree in music from UCSD, where he studied
improvisation with George Lewis, guitar with Celin
Romero, and composition with Frederic Rzewski, Brian
Ferneyhough, Will Ogden and Rand Steiger.
tim perkis – laptop
wobbly – electronics

TIM PERKIS has been working in the medium of live
electronic and computer sound for many years,
performing, exhibiting installation works and
recording in North America, Europe and Japan. His work
has largely been concerned with exploring the
emergence of life-like properties in complex systems
of interaction. In addition, he is a well known
performer in the world of improvised music, having
performed on his electronic improvisation instruments
with over 100 artists and groups, including Chris
Brown, John Butcher, Eugene Chadbourne, Fred Frith,
Gianni Gebbia, Luc Houtkamp, Yoshi Ichiraku, Roscoe
Mitchell, Gino Robair, ROVA saxophone quartet, Elliott
Sharp, Leo Wadada Smith and John Zorn. Ongoing groups
he has founded or played in include the League of
Automatic Music Composers and the Hub -- pioneering
live computer network bands -- and Rotodoti, the Natto
Trio and Fuzzybunny. His occasional critical writings
have been published in The Computer Music Journal,
Leonardo and Electronic Musician magazine; he has been
composer-in-residence at Mills College in Oakland
California, artist-in-residence at Xerox Corporation's
Palo Alto Research Center, and designed musical tools
and toys at Paul Allen's legendary thinktank, Interval
Research. Recordings of his work are available on
several labels: Artifact,Limited Sedition, 482, Lucky
Garage, Praemedia and Tzadik(USA); Sonore and
Meniscus(France); Curva Minore and Snowdonia(Italy);

Wobbly is a natural. He believes in allowing
creativity to flow. This belief can be compared to the
difference between a trimmed bush (neat and round) and
a beautiful natural bush allowed to burst forth in its
best array - free to grow. He finds balance important
with a proper mixture. His awareness is superb. All in
all, he is his own self and brings out the best in all
he endeavors to do as he spreads his talents out
across the world like beautiful flowers. Wobbly also
feels that satisfaction in the arts, largely music,
could be a good avenue towards peace for mankind.
"When more people experience the euphoric ecstasy that
could be obtained by sampling beautiful musical
selections from rock to opera, more people will be
less inclined to strife." Wobbly’s work has appeared
on Tigerbeat6, Illegal Arts, Praemedia and many, many
other hidden places.

JIFFY-SCUTTLER is a music series at Rx Gallery in San
Francisco co-curated by Blevin Blectum, Lance
Grabmiller, J Lesser and Sean Rooney. Last Friday of
every month. Electronic music that doesn't cower,
quiver with fear or fade into the woodwork. Have a
beer, have a conversation, check the gallery and hear
music you won't tag "erase". Jiffy-Scuttler --
electronic music for today, tonight and all of your
special tomorrows!

Jiffy-Scuttler website:
Jiffy-Scuttler booking info: srooney at ntet.net
directions and gallery info: http://www.rxgallery.com
Sign up for the Jiffy-Scuttler Spam list:
jiffyscuttler_announce-subscribe at yahoogroups.com

The Jiffy-Scuttler gang:
Blevin Blectum, Lance Grabmiller, J Lesser and Sean

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