[Rumori] detritus.net nights in SF, CA

Bob Boster boster at pobox.com
Fri Mar 26 17:37:26 PST 2004

Hello all,

This is a general call for people/groups/robots/programs interested in 
playing/performing live music/collage/performance/sound&video art at the 
Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco.  I'm booking the last Thursdays in 
the month at this series which was initially sparked by Steev Hise a few 
years back (in the context of the oldest 'creative music' series in the Bay 
Area)..  My night is the last Thursday of every month and I am looking for 
more people to work into the schedule (although I'm not without some 
options now).

As one would assume, my focus is on audio appropriation, but I also extend 
the meme to include other forms of cultural hijack including re-use/mis-use 
of everyday objects, and even some work that focuses on abstract sounds as 
long as they are made with 'homemade' instruments.

As well as looking for possible performers, I'm also looking for one (or 
more) persons to help out with promotions and/or hosting the events.   We 
need to up the ante on our web presence and such.  I've got NO html skills, 
and am frankly pretty busy as well.  So if you are a detritus partisan and 
have some interest in getting involved, let me know.  There is of course no 
money in this, but the basking in the glory of the praise of your community 
is pretty damn good...plus we have cookies and coffee during the shows.

All my contact info is below.  If you are interested in performing I need 
some way to hear your work before I can book you, so mailing a CD is OK or 
pointing me to MP3s works too.

Back to your regularly scheduled quasi-legal discussion...




Bob Boster
Sound Artist ~ Conspirator ~ Bon Vivant

boster at pobox.com

510-528-7856 (w)
510-528-2413 (h)
510-295-3062 (m)

984 Kains Avenue # B
Albany, CA 94706

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