[Rumori] L.A. Times - When copyright law meets the 'mash-up'

Vályi Gábor valyi at mokk.bme.hu
Sat Mar 27 20:02:25 PST 2004

speaking of commercialising mash up. i was already happening in 2001:

Dylan, Stones, Sinatra On 'Sopranos' Soundtrack

The Sopranos: Peppers & Eggs, slated for a May 8 release, collects two CDs
worth of the music that plays such a crucial rule in the acclaimed mob
series. A seamless (and otherwise unreleased) mix of the Police's "Every
Breath You Take" with Henry Mancini's "Theme From Peter Gunn," for example,
underlined the tension in the current season's premiere episode, in which
authorities were trying to bug mob boss Tony Soprano's basement.


does anyone have the official soundtrack to check if the guy to mix the twio
songs got any credit?


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> >
> >however, I still think having shows like this give a lot of people - who
> >usually not exposed to ideas / compositional aesthetics that float around
> >marginal forums such as this list - the right idea about what they can do
> >with their computers and CD/mp3 collections. (vinylheads like me tend to
> >know :)
> That's very true, but that is no different from any other "artistic"
> creation. There will always be a slice of the audience who are wondering
> how it was done and how they could do it themselves. The difference,
> though, is the simplicity
> In a way you could compare mash-ups as the musical equivalent of some of
> warhol's work - it's so brutal in it's simplicity that people think "I
> could have done that - there's no talent there" (as opposed to more
> refined, complex "Pop Art" / "Sampling") - yet it doesn't detract one iota
> from it's effectiveness.
> >however if all these people start recycling crap media content and make
> >media corporates and "copyright owners" even richer while they don't earn
> >any money than we'll face some frightening days. luckily I'm not so
> >yet that I would believe in such an evil hidden agenda :)
> Ah, sheer bloody minded optimism. So refreshing!
> It surprises me that there hasn't been more "corporate" mash-ups yet.
> Although there have been rumours, no record label has officially opened up
> their archives to a selected individual to be legally mashed - not in the
> same way as say US3 were allowed to do with the Blue Note catalogue - and
> I'm also not including "photocopies" (covers) of mash-ups - like Richard
> X's work, or the appalling (in concept and execution) cover of "Genie In A
> Bottle" by Speedway (based on Freelance Hellraiser's mash-up of the
> original Aguilera vocal with a track by The Strokes)...but it truly is a
> matter of time before the first mash-up advert hits...advertising is the
> only industry that can afford the legal work needed to clear it - they
> could also comfortably afford to pay 200% royalties (if both parties
> demanded 100%) without taking much of a hit. (imho, as usual).
> Everything will get appropriated eventually, whether by us or by them (or
> both - et tu ouroubous ;)
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