[Rumori] re: Sydney Morning Herald piracy article

Taylor McLaren morakanabad at yahoo.ca
Wed Mar 31 23:12:51 PST 2004

 From the Sydney Morning Herald piece (URL provided yesterday, and I 
forget who did the deed, but thank you) on the Australian recording 
coven's record year, piracy woes, blah-blah-blah:

"Even the FBI has become involved. It says music piracy has become its 
third  priority behind terrorism and counter-intelligence. A number of  
US Congress members who rely on the entertainment industry for campaign 
funds lobbied the FBI to spend more money hunting  file-sharers and CD 
burners. So now CDs in the US carry FBI stickers warning of fines of 
$250,000 or five years in prison."

Does anybody have any scans of these warning stickers? It's been years 
since I last set foot in the States, but I'm really curious to see what 
they say and how they're worded.


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