[Rumori] SAR: Omer Fast on the radio

Jon Nelson postconsumer01 at yahoo.com
Mon May 17 20:54:20 PDT 2004

Just a heads up to the group that Some Assembly
Required will feature a short interview this Saturday
(May 22) with Omer Fast, the video artist whose work
"CNN Concatenated" has been making the rounds at art
galleries/institutions over the past couple of years.
I caught it in Minneapolis at the Soap Factory and was
mesmerized. He's agreed to let me play the audio
portion of his video collage on the show, and shared a
few words on his thought process (and the creative
process) behind it as well. good stuff.

Here's an edit of what artnet.com had to say about CNN
"...The Israel-born New Yorker and Whitney Biennial
vet, who first showed at Momenta Art in Williamsburg,
has culled footage from CNN and radically edited it
together into what sounds like poetry -- much of it
like the angst-ridden stuff teenagers write. "Just get
near me already you hypocritical opportunist fake
phony con-artist sell-out lip-serving
limousine-liberal white chickenshit motherfucker!"
says one amazingly spliced together passage, in which
each word jumps from a different newscaster's

Some Assembly Required airs in Minneapolis on radio k,
Saturdays at 2PM. You can tune in online at radiok.org

note: SAR is rebroadcast in syndication on a few dozen
stations, but if you live in an area which airs the
show, and you're wanting to hear Omer Fast, go to
radiok.org this Saturday, as it will be a number of
weeks before it is rebroadcast in your area. 

Jon Nelson

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