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Wed May 19 09:12:32 PDT 2004

--- Steev Hise <steev at detritus.net> wrote:
> So keep buying gas as fast and as much as possible!! NOW!!
> Use it all up! the faster we run out of oil the faster we can get
> on with a more sane way of living.
> smh
> p.s. i'm serious.

i bought gas this morning.  not because steev told me to but because my
tank was almost empty.  i didn't even notice what day it was, not that
i wanted to participate in this protest anyway (high fuel prices are
inevitable given our increasing dependence on fuels with finite supply,
& even if that weren't true the economics for the protest just don't
add up)

but at least high prices might inspire some amusing jams, like the one
pictures in this article:

"Good stuff, but exactly the kind of thing I like but can not sell."

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