xraysmalevich xraysmalevich at dfnow.com
Thu May 20 01:10:35 PDT 2004

Man, I thought that May 19 was a couple of weeks away. I _totally_ 
forgot to fill the tank.

I didn't buy anything, either.

I'm a baaaaaaaaaad consumer.

stAllio! the original wanksta wrote:

>--- Steev Hise <steev at detritus.net> wrote:
>>So keep buying gas as fast and as much as possible!! NOW!!
>>Use it all up! the faster we run out of oil the faster we can get
>>on with a more sane way of living.
>>p.s. i'm serious.
>i bought gas this morning.  not because steev told me to but because my
>tank was almost empty.  i didn't even notice what day it was, not that
>i wanted to participate in this protest anyway (high fuel prices are
>inevitable given our increasing dependence on fuels with finite supply,
>& even if that weren't true the economics for the protest just don't
>add up)
>but at least high prices might inspire some amusing jams, like the one
>pictures in this article:
>"Good stuff, but exactly the kind of thing I like but can not sell."
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