[Rumori] Negativland Show in NYC

Tim Maloney nakedrabbit at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 25 15:14:28 PDT 2005

This email this morning from Mark Hosler:

> So- I arrive in NYC this Sunday for two weeks of work to set up the 
> rather insanely elaborate art show we are doing at GIGANTIC ART SPACE 
> in Tribeca at 59 Franklin St.  It opens Sept 9 (the opening is from 6 
> to 9pm) and runs until October 22. It will be called NEGATIVLANDLAND, 
> and it will have  over 60 pieces of our art with video, installations, 
> noise making devices (the Booper!) you can play yourself, and a life 
> size robot of Abraham Lincoln (doing our version of a Disney 
> attraction). Appropriation and collage are, of course, a big aspect of 
> the show.
> http://www.giganticartspace.com
> We hope you can come to the opening, or see the show while it is up. 
> Almost all of Negativland will be there for the opening, as well 
> as.... my Mom and Dad!
> The gallery number is-
> 212-226-6762
> Gigantic Art Space
> 58 Franlin St

Me too, I'll be there.  No David Wills, of course, but all the other 
suspects, and some others as well!

Naked Rabbit - P.O. Box 36673 - LA - CA - 90036 - 

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