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A Bibiliography of Related information, in analog and digital forms. In biology, rhizome refers to a plant that spreads underground via an interlocking system of roots. From many different points in the root system new plants sprout up out of the ground.

The detritus files are filled with clippings, quotes, scrawled references, and media of all kinds. Here is an attempt to collate it. Many items may belong in multiple categories. Many are connected together in a variety of ways. We're doing our best to make sense of it all.

Rhizome is now divided into separate pages for each category. In addition to the main page for each category, there may also be additional pages of reviews and other information related to that area.

Print: This includes non-fiction (works of scholarship studying areas relevant to Detritus), as well as fiction. Includes zines and other forms of "underground" publishing which are primarily or originally distributed on paper (for "e-zines" see the Net section.

Audio: Includes music and sound art, with an emphasis on ground-breaking uses of sampling and appropriation, and artists who use such techniques in an obvious, self-concious manner.

Film: cinematic works of appropriation, on film or video.

Visual Arts: Painting, collage, photography, sculpture, and more.

Net: works of net-art or web sites that study or document relevant topics like copyright, appropriation, collage, etc.

Legal: This new section will have documents from famous court cases and possibly pointers to sympathetic attourneys, legal advice, and definitions.

News: Relevant events and media attention.

Recently submitted links: Often we have very little time to review new items that are suggested to us, so we try to put them here until we can categorize and comment on them.

This list will be added to and embellished continuously, so return here often.

Have a link or reference to suggest? (add something new, or if you think you can describe something better than how it is done here, write a new blurb and send it in.)

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"[A]rt is long, not infinite... One day we will use it up - unless we
		can learn to recycle it like any other finite resource."
		- Spider Robinson, "Melancholy Elephants"

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