Steev Hise- San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, 2000

photos by Matisse Enzer
At the 1st Annual SFEMF, Steev performed 2 pieces, a peformance/sound/sculpture piece called 'Familiar/Signifier", and the first ever live use of the Syntagm Engine, a custom linux software instrument designed and created by Hise. Here are some photos:
buy steev1-SFEMF2000 steev2-SFEMF2000 steev3-SFEMF2000 steev4-SFEMF2000 steev5-SFEMF2000 steev6-SFEMF2000
close-up of the Familiar/Signifier performing with the Syntagm Engine speaking search terms used adding to the Familiar/Signifer the ritual leading the Familiar/Signifier

Watch a video clip of the Syntagm Engine piece.

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