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Video by Steev Hise

a wide-ranging look at the wide range of work i've done, including behind and in front of the camera, as well as postproduction.

A lot of my time is spent doing video work, both artistic and journalistic pieces. I produce my own projects and also do freelance work for hire. (last update: Oct 2019)
    Major projects over the last few years:
  • Circa 2015-2018 I was a cameraperson for the documentary Undeterred.
  • In 2013 I began performing live visuals with the media/collage band Negativland. I do this sort of "live cinema" for a variety of other bands and musical artists as well.
  • A pilot for a TV/web series called Truth On The Line (2011).
  • A 2010 update of "Wild Versus Wall", a film about the border wall I first completed in 2008, working with the Sierra Club.
  • A documentary called Radical Resources (2009) about an anarchist community center in Tucson.
  • A film I shot and co-produced (2009) about War Tax Resistance was finished and is being distributed by the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee. It's called "Death and Taxes."
  • Early in 2009 I produced a series of video news segments about changes in the borderlands, funded in part by a grant from the Institute for Justice and Journalism.
  • In 2006 I completed On The Edge, a feature-length documentary about the femicide in Ciudad Juarez released in 2006. The film's website is

You can view quite a bit of my work on my Vimeo page.

Selected recent work-for-hire.

Selected Videojournalism.
Selected artistic work.
View some somewhat aging but still nice demo reels. (last revision: 2009)

Older Documentary or Journalistic pieces:
Are You Worried?
a brief look at the mental states of Portland activists on the eve of the 2004 election.
Tax Day 2004
Coverage of one local group that resists paying for war.
f15pdx, a short look at a peace march in portland.
in realmedia and mpeg (feb 2003).
Mini-documentary about Gracie's
An alternative community space in Portland, Oregon comes under the gaze of my camcorder.
The 48-hour Movie and Somewhat Rapid Movie Projects
Collective, nonhierarchic filmmaking efforts that I took part in, during May and December of 2003. I helped to create a documentary about the process of doing one of these projects.
Selected Older Artistic/Experimental Works:
Nexus-6, a short meditation on the coming War. (2003)
in quicktime (sorenson) and mpeg-1.
Punish Instead of Prevent (1997)
Excerpt from video produced for "Off The Streets".
Return of the King (1995)
Requiem for (Un)Dead Popstars - Finale (1995)
2 sections of a 30-minute multimedia performance piece called Requiem for (Un)Dead Popstars which I completed in the Spring of 1995.
Documentation of Live Performances:
"trailer" (2001)
A short clip (~2m30s) summarizing what my live performances looked and sounded like at the time. This is in mpeg format so even unix users with no quicktime support should be able to play this. (about 8.5Mbytes)
Hello My Darling Patpong Road (2001)
Live piece performed at the Big Sur Experimental Music Festival, May 2001.
Syntagm Engine Beta Test (2000)
First live use of the Syntagm Engine, custom linux software for improvised sound collage.

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