minneapolis summit | october 2001


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where, when, and who

our summit took place in minneapolis (aptly enough), at the invitation of escape mechanism’s jon nelson, who had access to a recording studio. in town at the time simultaneously were also wobbly (jon leidecker), steev hise, and the two remaining tape-beatles, lloyd dunn and john heck. an odd coincidence, you say? not really, all had been invited there by nate johnson to present their work at the “sound unseen film festival”, which he ably organized.

on the morning of october 1, we showed up at the borrowed recording studio with our gear and samples. the “instruments” included three laptop computers, a couple of samplers, some mini-disc players and assorted other items. none of us knew beforehand what the others would bring, and the work was not scored or directed by anyone. each of us simply responded to what we were hearing.

what you will hear is the result of our edits of the three separate takes we made that day. two of the tracks are web-exclusive, and haven’t been released on disk. the longest of the tracks is disk-exclusive, and hasn’t appeared on the web. this latter item is the miniCD release minneapolis summit, which you can purchase online from this site.