minneapolis summit | october 2001


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about the minneapolis summit

first of all, about the name. we all liked it at first, but some of us started to cool to it after some time had passed, not wanting to be associated with the G-8 summit and things of that ilk. or giving the impression that somehow this recording is a comment on that state of affairs. which it isn’t. except maybe in the most feeble and indirect way.

instead what we wanted to be associated with were those landmark LPs (remember those?) from the middle of the last century that touted a theretofore unwitnessed collaboration between jazz greats, and then dubbing it a “jazz summit”. armstrong and ellington. basie and armstrong. basie and ellington. you get the drill.

for you see, the association we want to make with the choice of this title should be strong with the notion of IMPROVISATION, the single most important reason for our get-together “live”, after a fashion, in the recording studio. jazz, after all, is famous for it, and here we were, five audio artists with separate bodies of work, about to test our chops.