The Ann Arbor Edge track samples
These samples are excerpted from the Viral Communications tape The Ann Arbor Edge (VirComm CS04).
Note: Excerpts are approximately 30 seconds long (around 200Kb).

The Fuller Brush Man by Hube.
Snake in a Dead Tree by The Attic.
If At Any Time You Desire to Awaken by Ears Under Seige.
Bartoschematosis by Cornelius Gomez.
Amygdala by Neil Chastain.
Two Faces of the Nightmare by M. Lee and M. McGowan.
Modern Life on Turtle Island by Turtle Exclusion Device.
Prepare to Meet Thy God by Anonymous Flesh. Tracks not sampled: The Lumberyard, Ken cormier; Mary, Ronen Shapira; Zeugma, Ed Special; We Are Sitting Down (Maybe We Should Lie Down), Rohm Technologies, Inc.

All VirComm audio, including track excerpts found here, is anti-copyright.
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