Tools, Sources, and Links (in approximate order of appearance):

Turntables, stylus feedback, Fostex 4-track tape machine, various thrift store romance music records, Christian Marclay, Otomo Yoshihide, Care Bears, phone message from Jay, miced metal plate, random tape cutup, William S. Burroughs, Brion Gysin, John Cage, "Zounds" flexi-disk, Derek & the Dominos flexi-disc, Roland S-550 Sampler, Greil Marcus, The Seven Year Itch, Requiem for Undead Pop Stars, Chevrolet Caprice cassette, shortwave radio, Macintosh computer, Performer v.2.36 MIDI software, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, The Who, Elvis Presley, Audio Medicine cassette series, Alesis Microverb 3, Liza Minelli, Jim Baker's "The Fixed Law of God," Voice of America, thrift store off-brand electric guitar, e-bow, Shure SM57 microphone, LSD, automatic writing, surrealism, dada, Andre Breton, James Joyce, Mark Leyner, phone message from Jeff to Neil, Gerogerigegege, Japanese noise scene, Ruins, indie labels, Making Sense of the Sixties, Scottish Fife and Drum record, "Whipped Cream & other Delights," by Herb Alpert & his Tijuana Brass, miscellaneous infomercial, Hierarchical Music Specification Language, Beatles songs: "Tommorrow Never Knows"; "Blue Jay Way"; "Love You To"; "Come Together"; and "The End", Vietnam War, assasination of Robert Kennedy,, children playing, various field recordings from Barrier Island Environmental Education Center, South Carolina: crashing through brush, stepping in salt marsh mud, children on beach, birds, beagle howls, director of center talking about the exotic pet trade, Alesis HR-16 drum machine, Digitech GSP125 delay unit, Macintosh Speech Manager, Max Ernst, collage, Macromedia SoundEdit, digital synthesis, duct tape, other adhesives, birds, wind, chopped up bits of dogmatism, porn movie soundtracks, prepared guitar, culture shock, master musicians of Jajouka, Tuvan throat singing, Brother Campy, toad and frog call tape, FBI press conference after Branch Davidian mass suicide, Cecil Taylor interview, iron spiral staircase at 336 King Street in Charleston, South Carolina, John Cage prepared piano, Perez Prado, African xylophone.

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