Wobbly (dj set)
Pastoral and Sky Plus


For this DJ mix, I sequenced a handful of the pieces from my collection of Electronic & Concréte music that modelled or sampled birdsong or insect calls, from the 50's to present day. For most listeners in the 50's whose first experience with early electronic music was in the context of an 'otherworldly' science-fiction movie soundtrack, this mix attempts to underline the presence of composers who were taking an equal interest in mimicing and expanding the sounds of animal communication. Listening to these pieces in chronological order underlines the terrestrial voices inherent in the medium.

The mix was performed live with a dual CDJ and one mixer at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco on May 25th, from 7 to 8pm, at concert volume levels as the early arrivals filed in to secure balcony seats. Cluster would have been included in the sequence if they hadn't been performing later that evening. The second set 'Sky Plus' was assembled from the music of their contemporaries and mixed as a prelude to their performance.

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