01 - Saryglarar
02 - Clearing

Kaigal-ool Khovalyg
Sayan Bapa
Radik Tolouche
Alexei Saryglar

Recorded 27 February 2008
Studio B, Digidesign, Daly City

Performed by Huun-Huur-Tu
Mixed by Konstantine Baranov with Vladimir Oboronko

Performed by Radik Tolouche, Alexei Saryglar, Steven Baker, Walter Funk & Jon Leidecker
Mixed and layered by Jon Leidecker

Engineered by Jon Leidecker with Konstantine Baranov

Saryglarar is a demo recording of a composition that will be featured on their forthcoming CD 'Klassika'. My engineering was more spontaneous than professional, and didn't fully manage to capture their sound, but Huun-Huur-Tu never perform a song in the same way twice, and this night's version was an exceptional one. A few other songs with percussion were also recorded. The session was recorded at 192 kHz with high frequency microphones. After recording, we spent some time listening back to the throat-singing at half-speed and quarter speed to bring out normally inaudible overtones in the sound. After this set the mood, several musicians returned to the studio and began improvising. Clearing is a piece made from that improvisation, and was subsequently used as the introductory ambient music before shows on Huun-Huur-Tu's late 2008 concert tour.

Thanks to Konstantine Baranov for his painstaking work on getting the best sound out of this recording. Many thanks to Vladimir Oboronko for permission to distribute these recordings. And thanks to Vladimir, Sayan, Kaigal-ool, Radik & Alexei for the wonderful time spent discussing, recording and listening to these beautiful sounds -- the original cosmic music. Until we meet again.