Live 99>01

01 - middle eight
02 - I think he's serious
03 - whitewash

04 - voice / henry skip
05 - skibble pup
06 - hello underground
07 - my turn to eat me / 19
08 - peku picu
09 - carrots from faust
10 - moon guy

track 01 - CELLspace, San Francisco, 22 July 00
track 02 - Luggage Store, San Francisco, 22 February 01
track 03 - KZSU FM, Stanford, on the Day of Noise, 8 May 99
tracks 04-09 - Artists Theatre Workshop, Oakland, 22 April 99
track 10 - KFJC FM, Los Altos Hills, 12 March 99

track 02 is a duet with matt ingalls
tracks 04-10 feature chris ball on Casio CZ-101

this is a companion album to 'live 99>00' available on Phthalo, released february 2002. some of this material also appears on that album in radically different versions. a version of 'carrots from faust' was edited clean off the globule gig featured on the Phthalo album; out of the 5 times that track was attempted, this version's the one keeper. The ATW version of 'moon guy' has been neatly replaced by an earlier KFJC version.

two edits on the ATW gig, but they're not where you think they are. tracks 2 & 3 fairly recomposed. okay.

track 10 contains a loop from the track 'moon guy' by the group known in bakersfield (tim meany / jon leidecker) - this version's ghostly melody was improvised by chris ball. Other samples include Destiny's Child, Bob Wills, 'Kinky Dinky' by Peter Baumann, Leo Kottke, Goran Bregovic, Pierre Henry, Prince and Michel Legrand.

For the bandwidth impaired, I would recommend tracks 10, 1 and 2. There's an awful lot of stupid material featured here that I should have edited out, actually. This page is temporary, will be taken down yesterday.

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