various youtube / mp3

Clipping., 'Blood Of The Fang' (Wobbly Remix)
from Remxng 2.3, Sub Pop, 2022

Moebius Story Leidecker, 'Vexed'
from 'Familiar', Bureau B, 2017

Thurston Moore, 'Three Graces' (remixed by Wobbly)
Ecstatic Peace Library, 2019

Wobbly, 'Every Piano'
from 'Popular Monitress', Hausu Mountain, 2021

Negativland, 'This Is Not Normal' (directed by Ryan Worsley)
from 'True False', Seeland, 2019

Negativland & Sue-C, 'It's Normal For Some Things To Come To Your Attention', four location livestream performance for the 59th Ann Arbor Film Festival, March 23rd, 2021

tremble over
from KZSU's 8th Day of Noise
improvised live with empty heads by Wobbly and Matmos

Taken from the 1993 album 'half-open mouth', featured on the 3 CDR set 'Radio' on Ovenguard Records

made happy
from the 'Tigerbeat6 Inc.' compilation
thanks to Chris Cutler and Recommended Records

why don't you eat carrots
a cover of the first song from the first album by the group Faust.
vocals: blevin, das, ninah, jon, laura. grandfather clock tines bowed by das. thanks to big city orchestra
recorded 1999.